Seven ways we’re being more sustainable


The UK construction industry consumes around 400 million tonnes of materials every year creating over 100 million tonnes of waste. AllSfär does not want to be contributing to this waste.
Over the last few years, we have made significant changes in how we operateto reduce our impact on the planet. Here’s seven ways we are making our business more sustainable.

  1. Solar panels on our factory roof generate 40% of all our power.
  2. We are developing new products from innovative sustainable materials such as mycelium (mushrooms).
  3. We have installed electric charging points in our company car park.
  4. We check carefully with our clients about delivery dates and requirements to ensure there are no wasted journeys and unnecessary emissions.
  5. Our designers have created a new range of planters called Blom which utilise our excess production offcuts and bring the power of plants to the workplace.
  6. We only pack our products in boxes made from recycled cardboard and secured with recycled PET felt offcuts and eco-friendly bubble air packaging.
  7. We have developed new partnerships with local schools in Hertfordshire who use our waste recycled PET felt for arts and crafts projects.

We recognise that there is much more to do and we continue to develop activities to prevent pollution and enhance the environment and we will carry on with our programme to identify and reduce environmental risks.

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