Acoustic Additions

Elevating acoustics

Acoustic Additions

Acoustic Additions is a range of innovative acoustic products that make managing acoustic environments as easy as possible. The range includes desk screens and floor-standing screens, all of which can be personalised, printed, V cut and fabric-wrapped to ensure there’s an option to match any colour palette, brand identity and design.

Arc Acoustic Desk Screens

We apply the same design thinking to every product, so as well as helping you achieve a good internal acoustic environment, our desk screens enhance privacy and focus, creating a space within a space and have an immediate visual impact. We’ve taken the traditional rectangular desk-screen and injected some AllSfär design magic!

Orbit Floor Standing Screens

Our floor-standing screens are designed to be strong and versatile to ensure they meet the demands of today’s fast-changing work environments. The free-standing screens offer privacy and discretion and can be used as movable wall partitions helping to create a calm, quiet space within busy open-plan offices. Our range is available in a variety of designs, sizes and colours and have all been designed and manufactured by our in-house team.

Grove Acoustic Trees

We’re great believers in the positive impact of biophilic design and are always looking for creative ways to connect the built environment to nature through our products. Our acoustic tree allows you to bring a little of the outside in, no matter how small your space. With an innovative design made from 60% recycled PET, it’s visually striking, light and easy to move around.

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