Making it our business to be sustainable


Over the last few years, we have made significant changes in how we operate our business, the materials we use and the way we work with clients to manage waste.
While we recognise that there is some way to go, we are transparent about our sustainability credentials and honest about our long-term ambitions.We don’t live in a perfect world, but we are doing our best to minimise our negative impact on the planet.

The UK construction industry consumes around 400 million tonnes of materials every year creating over 100 million tonnes of waste. AllSfär does not want to be contributing to this waste.

Making changes to our operations

We are putting sustainability at the forefront of our business.

Since installing solar panels on the roof of our Head Office and factory building in Watford, we have generated around 40% of the power we need to run our operations. The remainder is sourcedmostly from renewable resources.

Mindful of the carbon footprint of each of our employees, we have recycling points for paper, glass, plastics and kitchen waste throughout our buildings and have electric car charging points in our company car park.

To help our customers make clear comparisons between our products and similar ones on the market, we have invested in Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)which quantify environmental information on the life cycle of our products. Our International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) accreditations also ensure we meet customer needs within statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.

Developingand using materials which protect the planet

While we develop new and innovative organic materials,we continue to use the most sustainable materials currently available.

Continuous innovation to provide more sustainable products is at the heart of our organisational purpose sowe have created a new range of acoustic wall tiles made from Mycelium (mushroom roots) andHemp.

Launched at Clerkenwell Design Week 2023, our 100% biodegradable FIKA tiles have been shortlisted for ‘Surface Product of the Year Award’ by Mix Interiors magazine for Mixology North 2023. Not only are FIKA tiles a good illustration of how to utilise organic materials to create something beautiful, but they also deliver on acoustic properties and are fully safe for use across all commercial settings.

While we are excited about developing new materials, most of our products are currently constructed from recycled PET felt. Recycled PET has a considerably lower carbon footprint than its alternatives such as Natural Wool, Glass Wool, Mineral Wool and Acoustic Foam.

PET is made from recycled plastic bottles that are collected, compressed, shredded, to create plastic flakes which are then melted and extruded into fibres. These are then mixed with some virgin material which aids in the binding of the finished product. The fibres are mixed and carded. Once carded into a loose mat-like material, it is then needle punched using barbed needles to create a homogeneousmat. This material is then heated and pressed to create a semi-rigid board for use in our products. On average there are 280 recycled plastic bottles in each 2440mm x 1220mm felt panel.

Recycled PET has a considerably lower embodied carbon profile and takes less energy to produce than its alternatives including Natural Wool, Glass Wool, Mineral Wool and Acoustic Foam. There are no proscribed or restricted substances (such as formaldehyde binders) used in its manufacture and PET contains no hazardous physical, health and environmental properties, as defined by the regulator, REACH. This includes none of the skin or respiratory irritation risks sometimes associated with other materials such as Acoustic Foam which is a chemically based product that can flake overtime and is not Class A rated fire retardant.

Recognising how easy it is to compromise the environmental integrity of products like FIKA and PET by applying unsuitable dyes, paints or glues, we only use complementary products which have the same level of environmental credentials.

Working with our clients to minimise waste

We collaborate to make each project as sustainable as possible.

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment, so we have complete control over product development, manufacturing and stock handling. This enables us to work with our clients efficiently and plan prudently to minimise waste.

We check carefully with our clients about delivery dates and requirements to ensure there are no wasted journeys and unnecessary emissions. To ensure everything arrives in pristine condition, we make bespoke boxes from recycled cardboard and pack them in with PET offcuts and eco-friendly bubble air packaging.

Being part of our local community

We are proud that all our products are made in our Watford factory and that we are acertified ‘Made in Britain’ manufacturer. When architects and designers buy from us, they know they’re buying local and supporting British business.

When we do find ourselves leftwith larger offcuts, we are building links with the local community to find more uses for these multipurpose materials. For example, we have made some valuable relationships with local schools in Hertfordshire whichuse our waste PET felt for arts and crafts projects.

Thinking smarter about surplus

Our designers are constantly looking for new ways to bring calm and beauty to commercial interiors through our range of projects. Now, more mindful of minimising waste, we have created a new range of planters called Blom which utilise our excess production offcuts. Not only do these products bring the power of plants to the workplace, but they also help reduce waste.

Looking ahead

Operating sustainably is increasingly important to us, our customers, and the planet.

We continue to develop activities to prevent pollution and enhance the environment and we will carry on with our programme to identify and reduce environmental risks.

Our long-term goals include finding opportunities to replacing the use of non-sustainable natural resources and exploring more ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our people, products, and processes.


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