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At AllSfär, we embrace and encourage innovation in everything we do. All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK and we are passionate about providing our clients with aesthetic and exciting acoustic products for market-leading commercial interiors.

Collaborative ideation

Product development is an intense and detailed process. Our collaborative culture means that we share the excitement of the creative process and, at the start, the whole AllSfär team is involved. Once we have prioritised the ideas we spend months designing and prototyping the concepts with lots of iterations to perfect the product and cutting/manufacturing methods to iron out any kinks before launch. 

We are passionate about finding and developing more sustainable products and materials and while we are happy that our current range comes with strong sustainability credentials, we aspire to do more. This is one of the reasons for launching our FIKA wall tiles which are made from a material grown using hemp fibres and mycelium. We love the idea that we are growing wall tiles from mushrooms!

Our products help designers to bring in softer, sound absorbing products into commercial interior spaces.  These help to reduce the unwanted reverberated sound. Managing sound as it hits ceilings can be a problem in many spaces and we are currently testing and prototyping curved ceiling baffles which address this particular problem. These will be custom made for clients to create truly unique layouts for every space. We are showcasing these baffles in our new showroom in the Clerkenwell design district.

Innovation through learning

Talking to our clients is so important. At the heart of our creative process is understanding what each customer needs, what problems they want to solve, what environmental and building issues they are dealing with and what brand values they aim to embody.We provide many bespoke orders and these can push us to try new things and different methods which often result in new ways to make products.

Our innovative approach doesn't end with installation. Feedback at all stages, not least once a project has 'bedded' in, is important, and this includes talking to the installers about their experiences with the products on site. This circle of communication ensures that we are learning, refining and finding new creative approaches all the time.

Responding to change

Environmental and societal change has always been the driver for design and innovation. Post-pandemic, the changes in working patterns are marked and we have seen a corresponding change in how organisations have enhanced, and want to embody in their physical spaces, representing brand values that put their people first.

One of the reasons organisations fail is because they fail to innovate.  Things change, perceptions change, taste changes, design trends change; constant innovation helps us to stay ahead and lead rather than be led.

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