Acoustic Canvasses

Acoustic Art Canvasses

Working closely with abstract artist Swarez, we have created a range of visually exciting acoustic art panels featuring ten of Swarez’s stunning works. They are available in a range of colour palettes and sizes and have a class A acoustic rating so not only do they look amazing, but they will also help to reduce echo, promote wellbeing and make people happier in the workplace. Art has the power to open minds, broaden horizons and facilitate learning and when chosen well, art in the workplace is a great way of expressing the personality, values and culture of an organisation.

Acoustic Photography Canvasses

Our Acoustic photography canvasses feature a range of stunning images by landscape photographer Richard Osbourne. The wellbeing benefits of including images of nature in commercial settings are well-documented and our acoustic photographic canvasses will not only help to connect the built environment to nature but will also absorb noise and reduce reverberation. This is key to improving stress levels, reducing heart rates and creating calm spaces. We don't think that lack of wall space should prohibit a project from introducing elements of biophilic design and our canvasses are available in a range of sizes to fit all spaces.

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