Acoustic Ceilings

Elevating acoustics

Acoustic Ceilings

From suspended acoustic ceiling baffles, acoustic rafts and acoustic lattices we provide a range of options to suit all workplace design schemes and budgets. Designs include simple shapes, patterns and biophilic elements to more complex lattice designs to create truly stunning acoustic ceilings that reduce reverberation and echo AND look great too.

Our in-house design team has created a portfolio of designs that are ideal for both new build installations and retrofitting to existing ceilings. If you would like a bespoke design to reflect your client’s culture and brand, please let us know and we’ll be happy to advise and create a sample using our in-house CNC machine.

Breeze Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Ceiling baffles are an ideal solution for managing reverberation across both large open plan spaces as well as smaller meeting rooms, creating a more comfortable acoustic environment for everybody.

BreezeSense Printed Acoustic Baffles

BreezeSense acoustic baffles feature high-resolution realistic wood and concrete effects and are an ideal alternative for projects that want the look of a hard surface whilst improving noise and reverberation.

Aurora Acoustic Ceiling Rafts

Aurora acoustic ceiling rafts are a great addition to any ceiling and can be used across a wide range of spaces to absorb sound, reduce echo and improve wellbeing within a space.

Grid Acoustic Ceiling Lattice

Designed and created by our in-house designers, our grid acoustic ceiling lattices offer you the ultimate in creativity and functionality in acoustic solutions for ceilings.

Flott Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Flott acoustic ceiling tiles can be used either as a complete ceiling system or as a selection of tiles installed in strategic areas to create zones and provide increased sound absorption.

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