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Diffuse Acoustic Furniture

Work is changing and it’s changing fast. Workplace architects and interior designers need to create spaces that accommodate technology, increase productivity, support employee wellbeing, enable flexible and agile working AND that support the different needs of multiple generations, multiple personality types and multiple tasks.

Working with established and well-respected product designer Hilary Birkbeck, we created Diffuse, a modular range of acoustic furniture for workplace interior designers and furnishers who need to create beautiful, agile workplaces that provide spaces for focus and collaboration.

Diffuse Screens

Diffuse acoustic screens combine design aesthetics with acoustic practicality to increase comfort and wellbeing in the workplace. The flexible, modular design includes a range of different sizes and shapes and allows you to define different spaces across large open-plan offices and co-working spaces.

Diffuse Workbox

Diffuse Workbox provides a place for quiet within open plan and co-working spaces for more focused tasks, or when privacy and calm are required. Options include singular desk pods as well as multiple single desk configurations.

Diffuse X

When office space is at a premium, but you still need to define separate work areas as well as provide people with privacy and a sense of ownership of their space our cross-desk screens are the perfect solution.

Diffuse Duo

Diffuse Duo is designed to provide a space for focused collaboration where two people can discuss and share ideas away from the buzz of the open plan office. Ideal for informal, small meetings, the curved design promotes a relaxed feel encouraging people to engage and talk more openly.

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