Workspace Design Show: Your Questions Answered


We had a great two days at Workspace Design Show in February meeting with interior designers and architects. There were so many questions asked about our products that we decided to answer you top ten questions!

What acoustic rating is Őra?

Our Őra felt has a starting NRC of 0.45 (Class C) when it mounted directly to a wall. This can be increased to Class B and Class A depending on how you mount the product. Having more of a gap between the wall and the Őra panels will increase the acoustic absorption as noise gets trapped between the surfaces.

How is Fika made?

Fika starts life as mycelium and hemp. Mycelium is part of a fungus that has a strong root structure meaning that it is a strong material to use when combined with hemp fibres.
The hemp fibres and mycelium are placed into a specially made mould and grown. The tile is popped out of the mould and external growth is allowed taking the whole growth process three weeks from start to finish. The tiles are then baked to stop the mycelium growing. The tiles are then popped out of the mould and you have a totally biodegradable acoustic wall tile ready to instal.

Can PET felt be used as flooring?

While PET felt is a durable material it is not the best flooring material, as it can be damaged by high heels. However, it would be a brilliant option for a wellbeing room, and other no-go spaces for shoes.

Is AllSfär Swedish?

We are a British company with our head office and factory in Watford. However, we encompass the Scandi-style design with our simple but effective products.

Where are your products made and how eco-friendly are they?

We have a factory and head office in Watford where all our products are designed and made by our in-house team. Protecting the environment has always been a key driver for us and we’re proud to be Made in Britain accredited.

Őra PET felt is made with 60% post-consumer waste from recycled plastic bottles and has a low embodied carbon and lower energy profile compared to other acoustic materials such as foam and wool. Our products have no formaldehyde binders and very low VOCs, making it ideal for use in all environments.

Do you install?

We can manage the installation of our acoustic products for you as we work closely with several different installers who know and understand our products and who share our company ethos on quality and design.

Is Őra Felt recyclable? What happens to it at the end of life?

Technically our felt is 100% biodegradable at the end of life. However, currently in the UK there is not the infrastructure implemented to make this practical. We are hoping that this is something that will become easier and cheaper to implement in the future.

Őra is a very durable product meaning that you can use it in different buildings and in different commercial spaces. Currently, we do not have the facility to take our acoustic products back at the end of life, but this is something we are looking into for the future. We also design our products efficiently to reduce waste and use our manufacturing off-cuts in our products such as in the base of our Blom acoustic planters.

Can you print onto Őra?

Yes, we can print different photos and designs onto our Őra felt to make it perfect for your space! We do have some standard prints in our ‘Acoustic Art and Mural’ range, but you can also provide your own images to reflect client branding to create something totally bespoke.
Printing on to the panels is done on a job-by-job basis. Some jobs will be printed using UV printing and some will use sublimation printing. We will determine what the best option is for what is being printed and then ensure that this takes place resulting in a high-quality printed product.

To a certain extent what image you choose is completely up to you! The only restraint is ensuring that the image is of extremely high quality so that the printing is the best it can be.

Do you do bespoke sizes/designs?

As we have an in-house design team, we are open to working with you on bespoke products. These can be bespoke designs of standard products or something truly unique. We have created many different bespoke items in the past and look forward to creating even more in the future!

What is the fire rating of your products?

Our Őra felt, which is the base of most of our acoustic products has a Class A fire rating, meaning that it is safe in a wide range of spaces, including workplaces, educational, hospitality and healthcare settings.

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