Creating Calm


In our homes, unwanted reverberating sound is absorbed by soft surfaces around us, like sofas, carpets, beds, cushions and curtains. This suppleness brings a sense of calm which transforms our houses and apartments into homes. In contrast, workspaces are often dominated by hard surfaces which can feel cold and noisy. AllSfär’s ambition is to bring the same calm to these commercial spaces so that the people who use them feel happier, content and more ‘at home’.


When we design products which absorb sound, we consider the people who will be using the spaces, how they will be interacting with each other and their technology. By putting people at the centre of our approach we create the high-quality, innovative acoustic products that architects and interior designersrequire to meet their client’s needs.

Our ‘Creating Calm’ approach isn’t just about outcomes. It cuts across our entire customer journey. From initial contact to after-sales service, we work hard to ensure our client relationships are enjoyable, satisfying and yes, calm. Our clients can be confident we are ‘doing the right thing’ for the planet too; our products are made from PET felt which is a sustainable and sound-absorbing. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and offered in a wide range of colourful patterns and bold textures. As well as functional products like ceiling and wall panels, we produce furniture, lighting and planters - all designed to make spaces quieter.

Adapting to news ways of working
Since the shift in work patterns accelerated by the pandemic, acoustics have becomemore important. Sensitivity to sound is built into human DNA and, for the estimated 30-40% of each workforce who are neurodivergent, the impact of sound can be genuinely distressing. Time spent away from the traditional workplace has taught all of us more about how we respond to sound.

Pre-pandemic,office spaces trended towards open collaborative spaces bringing the consequences of a noisy office as a fact of life. As people returned to work we have seen organisations remodelling their working environments to accommodate advances in technology; developing harmony between technology and people for greater outputs, attraction and retention of talent, and the balancing of worker individuality and independence. Architects and designers have responded to consumer demand by redesigning workplace environments which usemore zoning, quieter pods and innovative acoustic products.

As video meetings have become the new normal, quieter spaces have become important. While the human brain can filter out unwanted noise and reverberation, a microphone cannot. So even if your brain has sifted out the office chatter, other people on your video call could be hearing every word through your microphone.

Keeping acoustics simple
While they can be complex if you are building a recording studio of theatre, for a regular working space, it doesn’t need to be. Think of it as the difference between driving your own car or preparing for an F1 Grand Prix. Most offices are like jumping in your own car, you don’t need a team of highly skilled engineers to prepare you to drive to the shops.

Our experienced team can help you with the basics and you can find more top tips on how to use acoustic products and materials for maximum impact in our ‘Top Tips for Creating Calm’ article here. We can provide a simple reverberation time report for any space of a simple shapes which will show the before and after reverberation time.  


  Four ways we 'Create Calm'

1. Our acoustic range reduces sound to create a calmer space for people who work in them.

2. We keep our clients calm by providing custom-made solutions and outstanding service throughout their journey with us.

3. Our product range is manufactured in the UK from recycled PET felt, so everyone can feel calm that our products have a low carbon-footprint and are sustainable.

4. We are always designing new products to create calmer, but we can't say too much...Shhh!


If you’d like to find out more about our acoustic products, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call on +44 (0)20 3889 9888, email us at or fill in our contact form on our website here