Simplifying the complex world of sound design

Poppy Szkiler - CEO/ Founder Quiet Mark, 4th left and Simon Gosling - CMO, 1st right,, with their expert line-up of Masterclass Speakers at The Acoustics Academy launch event, at London’s Business Design Centre.

Earlier this year, Quiet Mark launched a brand new, free to use, online platform to present verified acoustic solutions for the building sector. is the latest development from Quiet Mark, the international certification for quiet high-performance technology, appliances and solutions to unwanted noise.

The online showcase provides insight on verified acoustic products, materials and technologies for architects, specifiers, developers, designers and the wider building sector along with science-made-simple commentary and installation insights.

It promises to simplify the complex world of sound design by comparing the most reliable and best-performing products on the market. This is achieved through like-for-like comparisons and validation of products, which are organised into a directory for their performance, design, sustainability, suitability and cost-effectiveness.

The platform includes every type of acoustic solution for all building application scenarios including; approved specialist acoustic glazing, sound barriers, panels, pumps, acoustic doors, flooring, insulation, commercial ventilation, acoustic plasters and surfaces and much more.

Example building application areas include residential, commercial, industrial, schools, offices, healthcare, hospitals, restaurants and public spaces.

To increase the reach of Acoustics Academy and to further educate on the complex technical details of acoustic design solutions, making them more easily accessible, better-understood and a higher priority, while encouraging design responsibility for health and wellbeing, Quiet Mark launched an accompanying podcast series: The Quiet Mark Podcast.

Hosted by CMO, Simon Gosling, (TED speaker and Campaign Magazine Tech Awards - New Tech Pioneer Award winner), the podcast explores the human relationship with sound, discusses the psychoacoustics of soundscapes and raises awareness to the dangers of noise pollution.

Now in its 7th episode, Simon has enjoyed conversations with leading figures in acoustics and sound design, including Richard Grove - Acoustics Director - BDP, Adrian Passmore - Associate Director - ARUP, Oliver Heath - Biophilic Designer and BBC DIY SOS team member, Ethan Bourdeau - Concept Lead/ Senior Associate at the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) and Wade Bray - Vice President - HEAD acoustics, Inc.

Many of the episodes were recorded at The Business Design Centre in Islington, London, immediately following the Acoustics Academy launch event, but during the Surface Design Show. Whilst Quiet Mark had its own dedicated area for these sessions, vibrations from the busy event, within the cavernous conference centre, could still be heard. Thankfully AllSfär were on hand to provide Diffuse Acoustic Furniture and Öra Mural Acoustic Panels, to not only improve recording conditions and block-out unwanted noise but also create a comfortable, calm space to help put the guests at ease.

“We recorded six episodes, with six guests, in six hours that day!”, said Simon of his marathon recording session. “I don’t think I could have achieved that without the kind support of AllSfär’s products, which, of course, are Quiet Mark certified and appear within our Acoustics Academy”.

Poppy Szkiler, founder and CEO, Quiet Mark says: “Acoustics Academy is our new online platform developed to serve the building sector by further equipping and empowering the industry to easily find the latest expert-approved acoustic materials, products and solutions organised in a one-stop online hub for the right building applications and scenarios.

“Building design is now evolving to prioritise responsible sound design transforming living spaces into harmonious soundscapes that deliver excellent acoustics to support health, well-being and desire for quieter living. A property that has been carefully designed acoustically creates a beautiful, calm, supportive environment, reducing unnecessary stress for all inhabitants for generations to come.”

The Quiet Mark Podcast is available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Buzzsprout and other leading platforms.