Orgatec Highlights


The AllSfär team were in Cologne last week for some inspiration at Orgatec and we weren’t disappointed! Here are our 5 key highlights on the trends for the ‘new visions of work.’

  1. The abundance of acoustic products (especially those made from PET) was astounding. From our point of view,it was really encouraging to see acoustics now becoming a crucial part of the workplace agenda rather than an afterthought BUT it also highlighted the need for some creative design thought around new products to remain market leaders.
  2. Colour was another big highlight for the team with lots of stands featuring colours from bright and bold primary colours to much more paired back ‘earthy’ colours and muted tones. What did stand out for us was the use of coral/orange and claret red as well as deep forest greens, which were very effective in creating a more cosy/warm feel to the spaces…perhaps trying to create the feeling of safety that we all crave post-pandemic?
  3. Sustainability, as expected was also a big feature of the show with most exhibitors extolling the green credentials of their products from materials to production to end of product life. A highlight for us though were the brands that were pushing the boundaries and exploring the use of new materials such as hemp, flax and bioresin to create chairs and other products. We were also inspired by the Materials4Future space which featured products made from fish scales, coconut shells, pineapple and even raw sawdust!
  4. Solutions for the new way of working – it was good to see people embracing the new way we work post-pandemic, with solutions for more experiential spaces as well as products encouraging us to move more including Fitseat a bicycle office chair and Walkolution treadmill desk as well as fully reclining chairs with desks and various options for sit/stand desking solutions.
  5. The continued trend for ‘resimercial’ spaces was also very apparent with lots of soft-seating and lighting solutions that wouldn’t look out of place in your lounge or hotel lobby.

It was great to be back at Orgatec this year and seeing how different brands are responding to the world of work in 2022, with themes that were perhaps mere thoughts back in 2019 now being fully recognised including acoustics, sustainability and resimercial design all with a view to promoting wellbeing withing the workplace.


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