New Showroom in Clerkenwell


We have been delighted by the reaction to the opening of our new Showroom in Clerkenwell and enjoyed meeting the 100s of architects, fit-out specialists and interior designers who flooded through our doors during Clerkenwell Design Week.

As well as being a place where our clients can come to meet the team and see our products in person, our Showroom is a creative hub for thought leadership in commercial interiors. Our first series of workshop concentrated on the idea of creating calm workplaces, a theme which is central to the AllSfär purpose.

We were delighted to invite Joe Cilia from FIS who took our audience through a deep dive into sound – what it is, how it travels, the impact of sound on wellbeing and how it can be managed by soft surfaces and specialist acoustic products. You can watch his entertaining and informative workshop on YouTube at

As a company, we are continually searching for more sustainable solutions so it was very interesting to welcome from Ana Rita and Neil Usher who explained the various sustainability frameworks and certifications available. They also recommended an alternative approach to ESG in the workplace which is a new triangular approach encompassing human, organisational and environmental sustainability.

Finally we all enjoyed a lively discussion and some practical takeaways from a thought-provoking session about employee wellbeing by Simone Fenton-Jarvis and Bex Moorhouse.  They asked the audience to considerthe gaps between what employees want and need, and what organisations are actually delivering on, and warned against so called ‘wellwashing’ - the practice of using mental health language and concepts to market products without genuinely supporting mental health.

You can find out about upcoming events at our Showroom on our website or by following us on social media and you can watch a short video of our opening week on youtube at

Please come and see us at our AllSfär Showroom at 14 Baltic Street East, London EC1Y OUJ,  Monday to Friday, 10am -4pm. Just contact the team at or call 02038899888 to make an appointment.


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