A sustainable solution for an uncertain time

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked everyone to work from home in a bid to control and curtail the spread of Covid-19, there was a collective sense of anxiety and impending doom. How could we suddenly switch to working from home? What about regular team meetings and brainstorming sessions? Can everyone actually work from home – do they have the right tech, the right set-up, or are they sitting hunched over the kitchen table for hours on end?

Three months on and things seem a little more settled for some people at least. Prior to the lockdown less than 30% of the working population worked from home, currently more than 60% of UK population are working from home during the coronavirus lockdown and most are not in a rush to get back to the office full time.

So, what of the future for Work From Home?

As a small team ourselves we too have experienced many issues that come with suddenly taking your entire team out of the office. We have tried, like everyone to ensure that staff have the right furniture and tech to make it as easy as possible and for the most part, we succeeded much to the credit of everyone pulling together and remaining flexible.

But we want people to do more than just cope with working from home, we want people to thrive. Our core belief that everyone deserves an inspiring workplace to promote wellbeing, happiness and success doesn’t begin or end at the office. People deserve a great working environment, wherever that may be, and right now for many people it’s at home.

With that in mind, we created an ideal home office solution delivering privacy and acoustic comfort through innovative, sustainable design. WorkBox is a one-person acoustic work station and offers a new way for people to create their own dedicated office in even the smallest of spaces.

WorkBox is part of the Diffuse Acoustic furniture range designed in collaboration with established furniture designer Hilary Birkbeck. Initially created for the workplace to provide a design-led solution to the problem of delivering acoustic comfort and providing people with a space for quiet, focussed work, we are now widening its reach to residential spaces.

With so many people working from home at makeshift desks in shared spaces, WorkBox is ideal for creating a space within a space, featuring an integral desk, innovative acoustic ridged screen and a range of light and power accessories, WorkBox delivers a stylish and sustainable work from home solution.

Made from 60% recycled PET, which is itself 100% recyclable and has a favourable sustainability profile compared to other materials such as glass and aluminium, we have created a refreshing take on what working from home should look like.

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