Ultimate Group - The Hive, Cross Hills

Client: The Hive, Cross Hills

Designer: Ultimate Group

Scope: Working Showroom, for workspace solutions

Located around five miles outside of Keighley in West Yorkshire, The Hive is a working showroom crafted by design and fit-out specialists Ultimate Group. The 16,000 sq ft space features cutting-edge workspace solutions from leading brands – including our innovative acoustic solutions.

Sound absorbing aurora rafts were installed to address the acoustic challenges that come with an open plan, flexible layout.

The hexagonal shaped rafts with curved edges were custom printed with designs featuring images of trees and plants, to add another layer of calmness to the space. The rafts were supplied in different sizes and installed at varying heights for visual depth and a bigger ‘WOW’ factor!

Every open plan workspace needs a smaller, dedicated meeting space – and The Hive offers a secluded, cosy retreat for staff behind a glazed partition.

Unfortunately, smaller spaces present acoustic problems when multiple users are present or when using the space for videoconferencing. This is simply due to soundwaves reverberating within the confined area, bouncing back and forth off hard surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings and windows.

To eliminate this issue, two large fabric-wrapped ReSound acoustic panels were fixed directly to the wall behind the existing wall-mounted TV to help reduce reverberation and enhance clarity and privacy during meetings.

For the final epic feature we installed some of our Flott ceiling tiles in one of the meeting spaces. In two different colours and a variety of designs, these tiles draw your attention as well as drastically improving the sound quality within the space.  


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