Ultimate Group - Savills

Client: Savills, Manchester  

Designer: Ultimate Group

Scope: A post pandemic makeover

Property giants Savills wanted to give their Manchester office a post pandemic makeover, contacting Ultimate Group for the job.

The fit-out, furniture and design specialists reached out to us to provide a range of innovative, sustainable acoustic solutions for the space. Their design included a strip out of the office space, using the existing open-plan ceiling and lighting to create a new layout. However, being open plan, it was essential that the acoustics were managed effectively to avoid excessive noise and limit distractions for their team and visitors.

We designed and installed Breeze acoustic ceiling baffles within both the office and meeting roomsWe created and installed over 50 acoustic baffles all made from Őra 60% recycled PET felt in a simple but striking linear layout.

The baffles were identical in colour, and horizontally suspended. With a thickness of 24mm they help to absorb the unwanted sound within these large spaces as well as trapping reverberation between the panels to further enhance acoustic comfort.


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