Paragon Design and Fit out - Pinnacle Consulting Engineers

Client: Pinnacle Consulting Engineers

Designer: Paragon Design and Fit out

Scope: Creating acoustic comfort across different spaces in Hertfordshire Head Office

We were very excited to be contacted by design & build fit-out specialists Paragon, to work with them on this project to create calm across a variety of office spaces. There was a large breakout space with various seating options needing several acoustic solutions, and we were able to install a range of bespoke and standard products to ensure noise was managed effectively.

Multiple people using the same space at the same time will inevitably create a more challenging environment to manage especially as soundwaves reflect from hard surfaces such as windows and solid walls adding to the noise. We installed a selection of custom-sized suspended ceiling grids made from 60% recycled PET felt to help absorb unwanted noise and create acoustic comfort throughout.

The main working area of this space was open plan with several rows of desks. This of course, made it essential for another acoustic solution. To block the noise in this high traffic area we provided fabric-wrapped ReSound ceiling rafts - a perfect solution for using the ceiling to manage noise.

A simple but stylish space division was needed to complete the design. We provided a range of PET felt suspended panels. These lightweight PET panels helped to separate the rows of desks from the rest of the space providing visual privacy whilst managing noise.

We were also called on to provide acoustic solutions for several meeting rooms within the office. Here the hard surface effects were softened by a variety of acoustic solutions including a range of ceiling grids.

Just one of many projects that show that acoustic solutions don’t have to be boring!

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