NHQ - UKTV, London

Client: UKTV, London  

Designer: NHQ

Scope: Multiple floors of open plan office space

We were contacted by workspace design experts at NHQ to address acoustic challenges within UKTV’s London office.

This workspace was predominantly open plan, spanning across several floors. This offered staff flexibility and choice in terms of where and how they wanted to work, but also resulted in excess noise across the space.

To combat this, we installed Ora V 24mm thick panels to absorb unwanted sound within the space. Large fabric wrapped ReSound acoustic panels were also installed offering Class A acoustic performance. This complemented the array of soft textiles used throughout the space. A combination of different acoustic solutions always offered the best option to tackle reverberation, as there are more absorbing surfaces.

The workspace also offers a large, open-plan breakout space featuring a fully fitted kitchen, a plethora of seating opportunities and of course a variety of screens showing UKTV’s various channels in real-time.

To reduce noise inevitably created when staff numbers are high along with unwanted sound making its way down the central staircase, a selection white ReSound acoustic ceiling baffles have been installed. The vertically hung Class A panels absorb excess reverberation, resulting in a calmer sound environment for all.

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