AIS Interiors - EFG International

Client: EFG International

Designer: AIS Interiors

Scope: 33,950 sq ft office space in London

EFG International tasked AIS Interiors with revamping there London office space to “attract and retain top talent, reduce real estate size, achieve Ska *Gold and future-proof against potential changes in working practices.”

The office space spans two linked floors, with the lower floor primarily open-plan and featuring sleek meeting rooms with glazed walls.

Bespoke ŐRA felt black timber-effect slat panels were applied centrally between glass partitions to create an acoustic surface that efficiently diffuses sound, showcasing the illuminated EFG logo.

While vertically suspended Breeze acoustic ceiling baffles were installed inside meeting rooms to reduce excessive reverberation caused by soundwaves reflecting off hard surfaces. The wide panels help absorb sound and trap additional soundwaves between them, improving acoustic comfort. Breeze baffles were also installed in other areas across both floors of the space to ensure acoustic comfort.

EFG has made a significant commitment to employee wellbeing, dedicating around 30% of their space to their ‘Club House’; a “staff wellness suite housing a series of environments that have been tailored to promote mental health, happiness and overall wellbeing”, according to AIS.

ŐRA felt black timber-effect slat panels were used in several Club House spaces as stylish wall coverings to protect against excessive reverberation, as well as adding impressive design.


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