The Quater - Interaction

Client/Designer: Interaction  

Scope: Transforming a previously un-loved building into a new 8,000 sq ft head office for Interaction

We were delighted that workplace design and build experts Interaction contacted us to provide acoustic solutions for their new head office. Having flexible workspaces to suit everyone and areas for collaboration was important for the Interaction team; therefore, acoustic solutions played an important part in making the space calm and inviting.

When mixing the old and new in a 200-year-old building full of history, Öra V acoustic wall panels were an ideal solution. Using these panels in simple designs and muted tones, Interaction was able to create calm while still holding onto the history and heritage of the building.

Despite the historic building offering some interesting challenges such as hard surfaces, which increased reverberation. This made it essential to include acoustic solutions throughout to reduce the echo and make for a more acoustically comfortable space.

Many of the ceilings were curved making them unsuitable for ceiling solutions so we had to cut our Őra V felt to fit into the curved ceilings and make the space fit together perfectly. Helping the old and the new blend harmoniously.

Öra V acoustic panels feature throughout the space, including in meeting rooms and small booths. The linear design, as well as the arches design were the main v-groove designs to be used within this workspace. These reflected the history of the building, especially the arches design which mirrored the shape of the cellars. Used in some areas across the whole wall, while in others our PET felt has been used in panels or sections of the wall to introduce different elements and feeling to the space.

This project is a perfect example of how acoustics can be used to complement an historic building whilst retaining its heritage and we’re excited to share that this new HQ for Interaction was a finalist for the Bath Life Awards 2024 and has been shortlisted for the Property Week Property Awards.

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